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Originally Posted by tommybisler View Post
Is there anything else anyone can recommend. I'm not interested in Sat-Nav. I was hoping if someone could clarify whether the HK sound system is worth the upgrade? I'm quite into my dance music and with this in mind is the HK system aimed at sound accuracy (like a traditional Hi-Fi system) or is it fantastic for this sort of music? Would I be better off going with BMW's Pro system instead?

The standard audio is not up to much so you will need an upgrade if you are into your music.

The standard system has four mid speakers and two 6.5 inch subs driven from the head unit.

In the UK you have a choice of two upgrade systems systems.

HK Audio for 580 or the Business Speaker system for 230.

The HK system has five mids, five tweeters, and two 8" subs under the seats driven from an external amp.

The Business system has five mids and two 8" subs under the front seats driven by an external amp.

The Business system is good with dance, trance and electronic music but the HK is better with more complex music especially classical due to the smoother and more detailed top end produced by the tweeters.

Both the HK and Business setups require a couple of weeks running in as the drivers are very stiff new.