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Originally Posted by tommybisler View Post
Awesome car mate.

I tried to start a new thread asking for M135i advice but these forums seem to have solid restrictions for new members!

I've started negotiations with BMW and I'm looking to test drive the M135i as soon as they can get one in. I'm looking for exactly the same spec as you:

Estoril Blue
Auto Transmission
Comfort Pack
Storage Pack

Is there anything else anyone can recommend. I'm not interested in Sat-Nav. I was hoping if someone could clarify whether the HK sound system is worth the upgrade? I'm quite into my dance music and with this in mind is the HK system aimed at sound accuracy (like a traditional Hi-Fi system) or is it fantastic for this sort of music? Would I be better off going with BMW's Pro system instead?

Finally, I haven't test driven one yet but I'd like to know what the ride is actually like. Is it firmer than the reviews make out or is it perfectly comfortable for the majority of drivers in Eco mode?

Many Thanks
Thanks, you won't regret ordering! Although I do now wish I added full black panel display to the car. This is relatively cheap, but as far as i'm aware allows for some advanced functions between that and iDrive, which standard iDrive and standard display don't offer. Also, the full black panel looks awesome.

I got the business sound upgrade for free when I ordered and I think its more than adequate. I had the Bose system in my previous A3. I'm no audiophile, so you will no doubt get completely opposing views from other people.

Again, on the ride comfort front, having moved from an s-line audi and a panda 100hp before that (both of which feel like they're on bricks), the M135i is far more forgiving.

Let us know what you order!
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