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Originally Posted by ovekvam
Our 116i has 10400 km on the odometer, and it seems to have a slightly louder exhaust note at wide open throttle than when it was new. Maybe that happens to your car as well.

When I apply throttle, the engine starts to pull immediately, but it is not powerful without turbo boost. After about one second it has built up pressure, and pulls with its full potential. I find that delay rather annoying if I try to drive fast around tight corners, or try to drive sideways on tarmac. Maybe I will adopt my driving style to suit the engine in the future.
Same here, my 125i has 10,000km and I noticed a change in the exhaust note. It sounds much hoarser now and no need to go so much in rpm's to make the car talkative, only a gear change is a pleasure for the ears...