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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Things are not always what they seem....

Go back to my crude reference drawing of the 2er front end and tell me if you see any simularities.

There is no logic to facelift a model that is selling exceptionally well and become critically acclaimed (M135i) by the media to have a facelift this early.
BMW have never performed a facelift this early in a models life cycle. Especially a successful model like the 1er.
Maybe BMW execs see their volumes tanking right now on the F20 since only now the A-class, A3, Golf VII and V40 all hit together very strong with less polarizing alternatives to the prospected buyers? I agree it would not be logical to do this so early, but then again, bringing this poor mutant to life like this wasn't logical either.

Maybe they stopped being so idiosyncratic in design and pulled their heads out of their behinds? Having seen the marvellous 4 concept I can even believe they start to listen again to their dominant customers opinions and not only a virtual Asian market?