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BMW engines are electrically spun to their red line after assembly. This is so that the engine can be tested before it goes into your car, so don't worry about it.

BMW engines are built extremely 'tight' so they need a bit of wear during the first 10,000 Km for the piston rings to bed properly into the bores.

Keep the factory filled oil for the first year or 15,000 km.
Driving at low engine revs and driving at steady speeds can cause more wear than varied speed and revs.
You should vary the revs (even up to a higher rev) but try to keep the upper rev limit between 4,000 and 5,000 for the first 1,000 Km, and vary your revs if occasionally you over reach that limit it will be OK.

After 1,000 Km, common sense dictates that you don't run at high revs (rev the nuts off) for prolonged periods, but you needn't be too worried about hitting 7,000 rpm occasionally during a short gear change.

Autos are great as they have a electronic rev limiter. In a manual try never to rev past the rev limiter as misfires can damage catalytic converters.

Don't change the oil and filter until the first manufacturer recommended change point, or the end of the first year. BMW have designed the oil for this purpose.

After that, if you intend keeping the car for a long time, I recommend more frequent oil and filter changes than the manufacturers or their on-board service indicators suggest. It's also a good idea to have the transmission and diff oil changed after the first year to get rid of any heavy particles which could later be ground up into tiny particles which eventually get into the bearings and accelerate wear.

I think BMW also do the GBox at the 15,000Km service

I would also insist on a fully synthetic engine oil when the dealer does it during the warrantee period and after if you keep the car

Hope this helps