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Originally Posted by F20MAW73 View Post
Day 3 of ownership and I'm over the moon with my 125i.

I must admit to a wobble with regard to should I have gone for M135i as opposed to a highly specíd 125i for the same kind of money. Especially seeing as so quite a few guys on here have gone for the 135ís as undoubtedly they are fantastic cars. However, now Iíve got my hands on my 125i Iím more than happy with my car choice. When looking for a new car I wanted improved performance and refinement over the gti with an economy no worse. Well the 125i has certainly delivered for me on all these counts.

Dislikes so far is the steering wheel obstructing the view of either the bottom of the black panel display or the top of the dials which ever way you adjust it.
I have seen others also complain about the obstruction, and I have to see if I will find it a problem too. I got a call from the dealer this week. My car was supposed to arrive in the middle of desember, but it had already arrived.

I had to stop and have a look even if the car was not finnished for delivery. It looked nice, and I was impressed with the m-sport brakes. The size of the discs was bigger than I expected. Also the enigne sound was good as I'm used to a diesel.

Of course one should have had a M135i, but with the crazy car prices here in Norway a 125i have to do it. I just cheked, and in the UK you can buy a new 911 for the same amount as my car with packages! Now it's vacation for 14d, and for the first time I will be happy to return home. Not every time a nice new car is waiting.