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I've just been out for a bit of driving, and I can now tell that the Servotronic option feels great! Yesterday, when I drove in the city, and during parking, I left it in Comfort mode. The steering wheel was so light and easy to turn, I could do it with my little finger. Today, I switched over to Sport mode right before going into a corner and onto the motorway, and it was like a different car to drive - like Jekyll and Hyde! The throttle response was great (it's very "dull" in comfort, and even worse in eco pro - but works fine in the city), and the steering wheel tightened up real good! I don't know if it was just in my imagination, but it felt like I got more feedback through te steering wheel.

For info: I have just driven the car about 450 km yet (got it a week ago), so I didn't drive the shit out it.