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I don't know how to get pics onto forum?

Review so far.

Picked up the car at 10:30am. First drive, I'm impressed with the feel of the car, feels like it could be a 3 or a 5 series (had an E90 previous) very grown up. The adaptive suspension is soft in comfort mode, very soft. Roads that used to be a problem simply don't exists anymore. On sport mode it does stiffen up to what I would say feels normal (as in next gen m sport suspension but still softer than the Bilsteins I had in the E90 which felt like it was on rails) maybe not just as firm as I would have liked but I'm sure I will get used to it as stiffer would only serve good purpose on a track, not real world everyday. The VSS steering is good, the shorter rack does feel good and fast which adds to the sporty feel of the car, it is very light in comfort, but beautifully weighted in sport. I'd say you wouldn't miss it if you didn't have it but once you have, u like. The sports auto box is excellent, super smooth, super fast, always in the right place at the right time, in sport mode it give this nice little kick as you bang through the gears, which you do alot as there are 8 cogs to get your head around, it's simply a must have. The HK sound is also excellent, I am an audiophile with a set of expensive studio monitors at home to reference from and the imaging from the HK is something I've never heard before. It's loud, and deep but the kind of loud that doesnt make your ears bleed, it's very enjoyable and adds flair to your music so you will enjoy re-listening to all your tunes. The black panel display is a MUST, do NOT spec your 1er without it! idrive is good, takes getting used to the menus, got lost a good few times but becoming familiar now, I have to say when playing tracks of iPod the display is very boring especially compared to the graphical content of the efficient dynamics mode. Some of the menus aren't as customisable as I thought they would be which disappointed me a little too. Visibility pack is top, the adaptive headlights and high beam assist are a treat, as well as how bright they are and good looking. Overall I'm impressed with the build of the car, very happy as I worried it would feel like a downgrade from the E90 but quite the opposite! I have noticed the offset seating position as i seam to be sitting over the right side of the seat more. Last but not least, the 125d is a strong engine, as I'm still in run-in mode I've been banging next gear at 3500rpm and I can only grin to think what holding her out to 5k rpm will be like! It's also super quiet, much more refined than my previous 320d, next gen!
I will post pics once I know how. If anybody has any questions about other aspects of the car, feel free!