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Another M135i arrived!

Got mine today as well and all I can say is WOW what a car!! Done 100 miles in it today in mixed conditions and its exceeded my expectations in every area. Very happy with the ride coming from a M sport E87, handles bumps, speed bumps etc perfectly.

Few minor issues here and there but that was me trying really hard to sport the weaknesses. All of them are made up for by the speed and overall feel of the car.

Steering took a little bit of getting used to but its really not that bad. Eco Pro isn't something im going to be using too often! Overall feel of the car and quality is a step up from the last generation.

Did 100 miles on less than a quarter of a tank as well for those interested.

Also thanks to everyone for the help on here and the constant posting of pics etc. If anyone has any questions or things they want me to try out let me know Id be more than happy to oblige.

For all those still waiting hang in, its definitely worth the wait!

Sapphire Black, Coral Leather, Pro Nav, Adaptive suspension, Auto box and pretty much everything else on the options list!