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Originally Posted by HasanK View Post
I'd suggest you go for march production since the new I drive hardware (screen, CPU, ram, HDD) is slated to be put on march production F20. That's what I read on this forum.

I had a similar choice of feb/march to you, and I went with March. If I'm gonna wait that long, one month is okay for some upgraded goodies at little or no cost increase.
Thanx for the info. Interesting. But it's the least important to me tbh...
I also have a deal with my dealer to swap cars asap.
So that will be mid feb 2013.

I ordered the big navi and some internet goodies and I know from my current F30 and former F10 I will be fine with that. My iPhone 5 does the rest

But thanx anyway.

And thanx Vladberca, yes I guess so. That fine little car should be a great ride. Pity is I was trying to go and testdrive it nov. 28th. but I already ordered it, without having taken a look at/driving the thing.....
But I think it's the driver's choice.