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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
Just did a "moron" calculation: When the RWD would have perfect 50/50 weight distribution with about 758kgs per axle, and the extra 75kgs of the Xdrive are 2/3rd (808kgs) on front and 1/3rd (782kgs) in the back, the distri changes to 51/49%.

So actually, we're really nitpicking here I gues, well beyond the sensible difference in dynamical behaviour to my opinion, or your name should be Vettel or something.

According to Sportauto German carmag a 3 door M135iA has a weight distribution of F 52.7/47.3 R.

AWD would be nice in snow and icey conditions(I had a Impreza and a 2000 S3 more tha a decade ago) but I prefer rwd for a BMW , that's why I ordered my 10th BMW today: M135iA 5 door in EB and RWD.

TBH you can and may not compare a good awd system(Nissan GTR) to what a WRC rallycar has. Let alone the Quattro(semi Haldex) and X Drive systems.

As already stated X drive provides one thing: Traction. But it's heavier. FEELS safer but sometimes it isn't....

A good set of WINTERTYRES on a RWD in bad conditions and I'm good to go.