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About to trade in my F30 for a 5 door M135i

Hi fellow 1addicts,

Today I had a discussion with my dealer about my feb '12 (8000miles) F30 335i.

The car is noisy inside(there is a warranty fix for it) and my HK sound system sucks/radio reception is poor, Comfort access is asleep sometimes.

And it consumes about 1 litre oil in about 2000 miles, today for the second time in 4000 miles the warninglight came on

This is my third turbo petrol BMW(335i N54/535i F10 N55, and this one) and the first with lots of problems.

The dealer and I more or less came to a deal and I'm willing to go 'back' to a 5 door M135 8AT , the point is which options to choose from. I'm an audioslave but I also like full aircon, big satnav and other goodies, maybe I won't go with leather this time( € 1543,- option in NL)

I 'm getting a headache from this bs because after all I love the looks/drive of my F30...and now I have to look the optionslist over and over again which goodies to choose, of a car which I really like but not because of its (non)beauty, more of its capacities(I had two M3s in the past and also a 120d Mk1 for half a year) .It seems like I'm in a midlife crisis (turning 43 this spring) and the world is in crisis(a good argument for me to downsize LOL). My wife doesn't like the EB colour, but hey it's gonna be EB. For sure. My kids want the 5 doors version etc etc. Member Adevo (the 1M driftguy) is my friend and we talked about it for 100 times, what to do. second hand 1M/ M135i/ keep the 335i.

Tomorrow I'll talk to my dealer about the pros and cons and IF/when to collect the M135i(feb/mar 2013 I guess?)

Thanks for reading.


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