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Originally Posted by actuarius
Unfortunately I didn't order the adaptive dampers. The option wasn't available on the spec sheet, and when I asked the sales person about it, he said you don't need it as it's more for people who wants to go racing. Now thinking back to what he said, I think he just gave me the standard sales person bullshit - he probably didn't know and didn't care, and just wanted me to buy the car.

The difference between my M135i and E90 is quite noticeable - and the E90 was known for a bumpy ride given that it had the old style runflat tires!

It is partly my fault for not pushing the sales guy and try to find out more. But as I have found out time and again, there is not such thing as sales service here in Hong Kong.

By the way, how much was the AD option?
The AD option was $10,000 + tax, quite reasonable, IMO. The option was on a separate option list, not readily handed out, I had to ask specifically for it.