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Mine was delivered today and was told that no running in is going to try it out properly this weekend.

First impression is fantastic handling, but quite a "jiggly" ride. I had it in comfort mode and was definitely bouncing around a little bit on any roads that aren't smooth.

The E steering definitely takes a bit of getting used to. Very light in slow speeds, especially compared with my old E90 320i. And at higher speeds steering feel is muted - on bumpy roads I felt the jiggly ride, but none of that was transmitted to the steering wheel. Not saying E steering is bad....just takes some getting used to.

Had a short drive tonight in sports mode and that felt good - very fast and stable round the bends, fantastic engine, and also got the Bluetooth and Y-cable working on the iDrive. Just felt like an excellent package, and great value for money. I think I need to drive it more and get used to how it rides.