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Now the car has about 10 000 km on the odometer. If I was to write a review, I would find very different things to complain about than I have read in magazine reviews so far. I will skip all that positive stuff, since we all know it is a really great car. Let's go on to the annoying details:

- Engine sound. Almost like a diesel.
- Throttle response. Made worse by the car forces Comfort mode when you switch off DSC to have some fun with it.
- Blinker stalk. Need to double push it to blink out of roundabouts.
- Engine braking. Need to run second gear when going downhill.
- Rear end of the car collects a lot of dirt/dust.
- No temperature gauges in instrument panel. The hidden menu is too complicated.
- Arm rests. With seat in lowest position, they are too high. And one is sliding.
- No jack.
- Ugly airbag warnings on the passenger side sun visor.
- No manual intermittent windshield wiping control.
- Start/stop-feature default on.

Otherwise, the car is brilliant! :-)