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Originally Posted by donaldt
got the car for about 30 hours ago and have already put 500km on it
cant wait to finish the painful breaking in process

but first impression is that it takes some getting used to the E steering
and a $hit load of torque and grip it just doesnt feel right
it also seems very silent unlike the review says, I will need some exhaust soon

will try to finish breaking in by next weekend and really drive it

sorry guys no picture, it rained just hours after I got the car so its already all dirted up
Congrats! That's like 5 roundtrips from wanchai to airport, in 30hrs! Got mine since Monday, and I'm only at 200km. Agree with you on the noise, hopefully exhaust will open up with a bit of use. I also found the car to be a bit "jerky", but I kinda think it's because the valet that drove the car from Shatin centre to Kowloon service centre was driving the car very aggressively, thus made the transmission go into its more aggressive settings, even in comfort mode. Hopefully will catch up on driving it this weekend, might even see you on the road!