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Originally Posted by Lundmark
Sad to see this being the case. I just ordered a BMW 118d. Because it's a company car, I was limited in my options, so I just have the Bluetooth handsfree (business kit?). My co-worker also have the same kind of car from 2011, and I was surprised to see that while he could talk wirelessly using the BMW stereo, he can't stream music wirelessly over Bluetooth.

This works in my Golf. Is that also an option? It seems ridiculous to charge extra to un-cripple the bluetooth.

Having an iPhone, what are my options for retrofitting anything if possible? I noticed there's an USB port. Can I for example get my songs playing on the iDrive screen?
You'll need the 'extended bluetooth' option in order to stream music without the y-cable (meaning: wireless).
If you only have standard bluetooth, you'll need that y-cable to get your songs on the idrive display!

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