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Originally Posted by fraxbe View Post
Don't brake too long, disengage ! Otherwise you will continue to slide.
Well, the car has a certain amount of grip which you can select to use for steering or braking. If you are experienced with winter driving, lifting off the brakes now and then to give more priority to the steering, can sometimes be a good idea.

For those who are not confident with winter driving, it is usually better to keep it simple. Keep braking hard, and steer where you want to go. The DSC will cut the braking on selected wheels for you to balance the car.

Getting the speed down is very important. An evasive lane change that is rather easy at 50 km/h, can be completely impossible at 60 km/h. I used to be a skid pan instructor, where I saw this a lot. If your speed is too high, it is no longer about missing the obstacle, but about minimizing the damage. Don't forget that the ditch can be a better option than hitting a car.