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Alloy Scuff

Hi Guys,

I swapped my Summer alloys out for the Winters this weekend, all was going well. I was cleaning the summer alloys ready to put them in the loft, all three alloys were leaning up against the house in what seemed a stable position drying at this point. Whilst carrying the last wheel to where i was cleaning them my welly must have brushed past one of the wheels (as i felt nothing) ... the next thing i heard was THUD. Face down went one of the alloys. Luckily enough for me most of the wheel landed on grass; ive been extremely lucky and theres a cluster of three tiny nicks on the outermost rim (spanning an area of about the size of your little finger nail) where it had landed on a paving slab edge. There are no dents/buckling to the rim and i gather that the tyre took most of the hit.

This really saddens me as in the past 10 years of driving ive not so much as scuffed an alloy. The tyre and the rest of the rim are in immaculate condition, not even a scuff on the tyre, no denting on the alloy etc.. and no cracks that i can see.

Has anyone had this misfortune happen to them before?

My major concern here is that there could be a miniscule crack that i cannot see that could either cause the tyre to leak or could worsen over time. Ive checked the entire rim over, ran my fingers across almost all surfaces and cannot feel anything let alone see anything. What im kinda asking here is for some reassurance, what do you guys think, if there was any sort of 'hairline' crack (as i hear peaple talking about them) would i be able to see it, and worse could there be one on the inside of the rim in the area covered by the tyre that i couldnt see, or would it be on the outermost edge where the impact came from?

I can live **kinda** with the scuffs, i just want to make sure theres no lasting structural damage.