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Originally Posted by KSERGEI-BY View Post
"A three-cylinder is mechanically not much different from a six." (BMW's head of drivetrain testing Bernardo Lopez)

Thing is: 6 cyliner engine is naturally balanced, while this half thing needs shafts to get rid of vibration. Im still thinking 3 cyls is a way to reduce production costs, and knowing bmw, we will benifit nothing from it. Im not going to buy anything with this kind of thing under the hud. 3 cyls are for bikes, sorry.
I think it makes sense with 3 cylinder engines in cars. BMW used to make 2 L six cylinder engine. They were smooth, but not very effective. A 2 L four is better in most ways. By the same reasoning, it is natural to make a 1.5 L engine with only three cylinders.

With turbo chargers, a 1.5 L engine now has enough power and torque for compact cars. The big cars will still have bigger engines with more cylinders.