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Hi Guys,

Ive just upgraded to an iPhone5 and have it all paired with my car; I have literally no options on the car, so its just a stock m-sport. Ive got some questions about the standard bluetooth equipment level:
  1. Can you stream music from the iPhone over bluetooth, or was there an option that i needed inorder to enable that?
  2. Ive not got the iPhone BMW cable yet and was wondering whether you can play music from the iPhone once connected via this - if so do you get a change in interface, or is it treated/used in exactly the same way as a USB stick with music on it?
  3. Does anyone know what other features i can expect after connecting the phone via the cable; ie will it show my emails, calendar entries, facebook, twitter etc.. or again was there an option for this?
  4. Finally, on the steering wheel the voice activation button doesnt seem to do anything (again was there an option for this?) and the phone button only seems to allow me to enter and cycle through my recent calls list on the isntrument cluster rather than my contacts list (more what i expected) - i can obviously scroll the contacts on the iDrive tho?

Sorry for all of the questions, from what i can work out i only seem to have the ability to make a call on my phone utilising the bluetooth. If anyone knows the options i am missing and whether they can be retrofitted, i would be greatly appreciative

1.-Yes, only if you have ENHANCED BLUETOOTH, otherwise you can only use bluetooth for phone calls.
2.-The Y cable itself alone no longer works with the iPhone 5, you need the 30 pin to lightning adapter from Apple + Y cable. This way, you can see songs names, artist, album, playlists and control via iDrive. (no album covers if you don't have media combo kit or something like that).
3.-Mails, messages, facebook status, etc only with the media combo kit
4.- Again, it doesn't work if you don't have enhanced bluetooth.

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