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1. M Sport and Estoril Blue. A great combo with great looks and interior set up. I also like the anthracite roof lining.

2. 125i engine and Sport Auto gearbox. This is best auto box on the market, super smooth in comfort. Go into Sport mode with the shift over in in Manual position and playing with the paddles 'awesome'. For those who are commenting on the turbo lag, it is not lag you are experiencing, it is the auto box starting in second gear when you are in Eco and Comfort. Try putting it in Sport and see if the lag is still there. Switch on the Sport/Sport + mode and you will see what I am talking about.

3. M-Brakes. REALLY good. great feel and progression.

4. HK sound system

1. The stop Start function (now fixed- I had it changed to off or on at my command). Whatever it is set at when you turn the engine off is what it is set to when you start the engine next time- I leave it off

2. No automatic setting on the folding mirrors