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Day 3 of ownership and I'm over the moon with my 125i.

This is the first rear wheel drive car I've owned and I can't see me ever going back to a front wheel drive car again. The weight balance of the car and road holding feels so much better than my old mk6 gti.

The 125i engine is fantastic. Again it feels much quicker than the gti and you don't get that horrible torque steer. The car feels like a real licence looser so I shall have to keep my wits about me and drive it sensibly within reason.

I was expecting the car exhaust noise to disappoint after reading some of the magazine reviews, however it’s much more audible than I expected. So I'm in no immediate rush to upgrade to the m performance exhaust.

I must admit to a wobble with regard to should I have gone for M135i as opposed to a highly spec’d 125i for the same kind of money. Especially seeing as so quite a few guys on here have gone for the 135’s as undoubtedly they are fantastic cars. However, now I’ve got my hands on my 125i I’m more than happy with my car choice. When looking for a new car I wanted improved performance and refinement over the gti with an economy no worse. Well the 125i has certainly delivered for me on all these counts.

Dislikes so far is the steering wheel obstructing the view of either the bottom of the black panel display or the top of the dials which ever way you adjust it.
440i GC