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Originally Posted by AusF20 View Post
I have just got my F20 back. I took pictures of the rust and provide them to my dealer.
I am pleased to say that the rusty stuff is gone and a clear coat (sealer) by BMW DE has been applied.
The metal is still the same colour but without the rusty spots.
I was informed that the work is guaranteed for 10 years.

As for the Stop/start
It is now set to the mode I have it in when I turn the engine off.
I am very happy that I can now turn it on or off as I like and it stays that way.
Having to pay to have it done did not impress me.
Please show us some pics ausf20.

Great to hear that you have a serious dealear who actually takes responsibility. Unfortnunately that does not seem to be the case everywhere.
I find it disturbing that bmw does not go out with a recall on all F20 to have this looked at and sorted. As it is now it seems like only us the nerds/enthusiasts who really fight for it will have it done. 99% of all F20 drivers out there will never notice this issue and it won't be taken care of on their cars.