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Originally Posted by AusF20 View Post
My F20 went in yesterday to have its seats removed and get the treatment on the metal parts. They needed to keep it overnight. I am also getting the Start/Stop changed to 'always off' unless I want it on.

The Service manager says that the frames are made of a alloy and this surface discolouration is not 'corrosive' rust but a 'reaction' from cleaning solvents used when the car was manufactured.

He says it is a surface only problem and would not effect the structure of the seat long term, however BMW will get their technicians to remove the discolouration and coat the metal with a special coating so it is sealed against solvents that could be used to clean the interior later on.

I think the translation of this reason by BMW is

'We got caught trying to save a buck, and will now have to fix it'

Funny, I just recieved this email from Nielsens. I will wait until I get my F20 back before doing it.

As part of their commitment to continually improve their service, BMW has commissioned Nielsen to undertake customer research.
We invite you to participate by completing a survey about buying your BMW 1 Series Hatch. The survey, which is fully endorsed by the Australian Automotive Industry, should take about 20 minutes and the information you provide will help BMW continue to provide exceptional customer service.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Dye
Associate Director, Automotive
Hi AusF20,

I was aware of the seat base rust issue but have still ordered a F20 125i.

I've asked my dealer to have my car built on the Dec 2012 or Jan 2013 production line as I expect BMW will already have this issue resolved by then.

I've seen some photos of the 1-Series after works against seat rusting being done by the dealer, I think they've done a good job, visually.

Please keep us posted, and hope you get your car back perfectly soon!

p.s - Start/Stop changed to 'always off' <- did they charge you any $$ on this?