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Originally Posted by HasanK View Post
Awesome vid! Are you still running it in? It sounds like you weren't hitting full revs yet

How loud is it when generally accelerating around town, not really hard acceleration?
Originally Posted by logiclee View Post
One thing I've been wondering.

You can leave the auto box in D or move it left into Sports mode with higher shift points.

Or you can leave it in D then select Sport or Sport+ on the drive control. This also alters shift points.

Or I suppose you could have the box in sports mode and then switch between eco-pro, comfort, sport, sport+.

So my question is how do the shift points compare? For example when driving in "Comfort" with the box selector in Sport are the shift points the same as driving in "Sport" with the box selector in Drive.

I imagine they are the same, bit if I am in sport I dont like the way it hangs onto gears so end up in Manual or back in drive quick.

Originally Posted by Patrick BMW View Post
nice nice nice nice nice nice
you'll have LOADS of fun in it! My 125 m-sport has just AWESOME performance, so I'm dead jealous now...
Cheers matey

Originally Posted by iBeech View Post
Tim Woodhead mate
had a right snotty receptionist though - soured the experience for my wife

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What can I say " Another 'babe magnet' Estoril Blue F20 hits the road

Big Congrats on your M135i

The sound is great, could you do another run, this time in a tunnel.
Yup, will do fella!
M2 Arrived!
Family 5er