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Hi all
Well this last week has passed far more quickly than the preceeding ones. Funny that!!! It must be the fact that I have had a smile like a cheshire cat all week when I have been in the car.

I can definately say that my 125i M Sport is a fantastic package,
BMW got this package right.

As you expect, I was very good for the first 100 kms, just a few little chirps here and there.

The 125i is effortless to drive in Comfort mode (5% of the time spent in the 1er the past week) with the power delivery being very linear

In Sport mode it takes on a far more dynamic stance (95%) and is far more FUN to drive

Things you find out. I thought that there was some turbo lag when punching the thottle from a stanstill, until I read that in all modes except 'Sport' and Sport+ the auto will use 2nd as the start gear, so the lag is in fact the thottle resonse to starting in 2nd
I tested this out,
I selected 'Sport' mode, moved the gear lever over to the left (RHD here) as this selects only the lower six gears and sets the best rev change (<torque) for up changes. It also 'blips' between gears in downshift when using the paddles (fun, fun,fun).

OH YES, it made a difference - The beast within was released. I havn't had this much fun since my days in the M3 and the F20 is a far better place to live within.

The ride is firm but still absorbes the bumps well.
I was supprised by the amount of grip and the flatness it displays given the street ride.

After the 500 km mark was passed, I took it on a very nice early morning run up though the winding mountain roads (hills compared to the alps) to the appropriately named Mt Glorious. It was a glorious drive. The 125i points well into the corners and in sport powers out with gusto. The M Brakes are fantastic.

I have now done over 800ks and no rattles or squeaks

The Iterior is a very nice place to be, the sport seats are really good and suportive.

The HK sound system is brilliant, The Pro Nav works well and the I drive interface with the wide screen is easy to use.

Like I said, BMW got this 1er perfect. PS I like the look of the Xennons
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