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Originally Posted by AusF20 View Post
Have you got the m performance exhaust on yours then? Can't quite see from the pictures? Looks like the standard 125i one to me?

No, mine hasn't got the M performance box, only the one my 125i came with.
I looked at getting the M performance box, but at over 3 Grand + fitting here, I decided not to bother. I went for the M brakes instead.

My dealer did informed me some time ago that part of the delay in the production was that it included changes to exhaust components and auto boxes, so perhaps there is a redesigned or different back box in mine
I can only go on the sound it makes, which I like.
I shall of course let you know how my 125i exhaust sounds soon. I've been informed today my car is built and is currently awaiting shipment. Yes my car exists! The dealer reckons it will be handed over to me in a couple of weeks time. Be nice to get a RW driver just in time for the bloody winter in the UK.

Looking at your pictures the weather looks pretty damn good in Australia right now. Perfect for hitting the roads in your nice new car. I'm extremely jealous..... However, I'm not so sure I could live with all those snakes and spiders you guys are accustomed to out there.
440i GC

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