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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
none of the cars you mentioned above are FWD, so get your facts right next time. technology can make a difference but the laws of physic still apply.
Who said they were FWD? The point being made is you can't automatically write off that FWD can't be fun when you have cars like X6 M, X5 M and M5 doing things we didn't think were possible because of the technology being used and implemented. Who says BMW doesn't have something in the works to make FWD fun?

What you and many others are thinking and saying is that because of the body/chassis and the FWD drivetrain, there is no way that BMW can make it fun through various technologies. Sure the laws of physics still apply but that hasn't stopped some reviewers from saying that although the M5 weighs 4000+ lb., it drives and feels like it's lighter.

You can have your doubts (which is understandable with the limited information) that BMW won't properly execute a FWD in terms of BMW standards but to come here and flat out say it's not possible to have any fun with a FWD is nonsense.