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Not liking it at all. It looks very similar to the Opel minivan and B Class mentioned elsewhere and it is a FWD BMW.
Not that it matters though. This line of BMW I think isn't meant to appeal to the traditional BMW customer, but the type of customer that wants an econobox with a BMW badge on it. In that sense, it should sell well.

The only thing I'm hoping for is that this model's main reason for existence is to make money and keep BMW independent, and not as a dipping a toe into the "will people really care if we go more FWD?" water.
Most people probably don't care about FWD, RWD, AWD, straight 6 or V6, weight distribution and all the rest of it.
But please, please, PLEASE BMW, those of us who do care about those things know that things like RWD, the inline 6 engines, the sweet sound of the exhausts, the driving dynamics etc. are what usually make BMWs so great.

Do not forget about us. Pretty please.