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Originally Posted by AdrianB View Post
I have also replaced my mk6 gti with the 125i and I think it is an all round better car. I have the m sport version and whilst the car is definitely quicker in a straight line it feels more composed on corners and rear wheel drive is definitely more fun. Don't get me wrong I loved the gti but the ultimate reason for changing it was that it required a full engine change under warranty at 49k and was off the road for 2 months. The service side of things at vw was terrible and I was fortunate that BMW had a model that really suited my needs. I have to say that the customer service I now receive from BMW is fantastic and be could learn a lot!
Interesting........ that's exactly what I'm expecting "an all round better car". I'm excited to see how my first rear wheel drive car compares to the gti's handling.

I had better luck than your good self with gti. I didn't have any problems with it and sold it on recently with 38k on the clock.