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Originally Posted by pierokwong View Post
Hi Zen,

Save my number on your phone 0402 507 658. I know the Sales manager in the Canberra dealership and they always give me excellent price!!! For the 118d (brought last year, still a keeper), I paid around $50k. For the 125i on it's way now, I paid $56k. Prices including all on-road. Don't use this price to bargain with your dealer tho, I don't wanna get my friend into trouble in Canberra.

I can go to the dealership with you if you like. I will making sure they look after you here as well.

Yes, I go for the blue M brake. I didn't realise they have different colours though. Really make a difference in stopping the car quickly.

With the saving on the car and no stamp duty, we are talking about some great bargain!!

btw, I have traded in my old 120d previous gen for the 125i. Huge improvement between the two models.

Sounds like you got a great deal Piero! Please post pictures of the car when you get it. Congrats!