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I also found the steering wheel blocking the dash a problem so today I reset my driving postiion with the wheel adjusted lower.
Why didn't BMW use the dash space above, where the lane detection etc is located for the main instrument info?!?!

I tend to use the ECOPRO mode to reduce the power of the A/C. Even the lowest fan setting is sometimes too much.
There should be a sync button to change both sides of the A/C temp together.

It would be useful to adjust a few default settings. The driving mode always starts in comfort, would be good to change this.
Also it would be very useful to change the parking sensor distance tolerances. Most of the time the screen radar is red and the beep is constant yet there is plenty of room to continue the park.

Indicator cancel is annoying, most times it fails to self cancel.

I'm wishing I had spec'ed comfort access over the interior comfort pack. I'm not using the storage nets and you get the LED door handle lights with the keyless entry.

Other than that very happy, nearly 3,000 miles up

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