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Originally Posted by AusF20 View Post
Hi Piero
Congrads on the choice; the 125i M sport is the one to have (my opinion)

What colour and trim did you order?

For Zen's info, I am not sure what local taxes are in Sydney, my (expected soon) 125i M Sport was ($68,440 on road incl GST) up here in Brisvegas (after much haggling).
Be prepared to push the hard line, they are concerned over Merc offering incentives for people to put their name down on a A class. They initially tried to get 73,690 out of me. Mention that you are also interested in the new Merc A class if they do not play.

The 135i is available in Aus (advanced order), however the cost sheet showed a near $13,000 difference when the same items are included.

My Specs
125i M Sport
Estoril Blue
M brakes
Sport auto
Pro nav
connectivity package
folding mirrors
M performance extras
Nice specs you have there AusF20. That is pretty much the same spec I am thinking at the moment. What performance parts have you added so far?

I don't think I will be ready to pull the trigger yet, as there are a few nice hatchbacks (New Golf VII, Audi A3, Merc A Class) debuting next month, and after reading alot of reviews the A250 is a potential rival as well, but the bad thing is its a front wheel drive just like the rest of hot hatches from other manufacturers.

Although most are front wheel drive, but I am just seeing which one is offering the best value for money.

As for taxes, I don't think Sydney's taxes are any where as bad as WA or VIC. I just believe that my closest dealer (Trivett BMW) have vehicles in the showroom that are just over spec'd.