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Originally Posted by pierokwong View Post
- Sport Model
- Sport gear box
- M Performance brake
- Adaptive Steering

Zen, just for your reference, as you are living in Sydney, you can actually come order the car in Canberra, as if you buy your car in Canberra, you don't have to pay Stamp Duty which save you approximately $2k. You can still register your car as a NSW number plate. It is because the 125i is regard as a "green car" in ACT, so absolutely no stamp duty in ACT. You won't get this anywhere in Australia except Canberra.

If you wanna go ahead, I can hook you up with the sales manager here in Canberra. I brought around 3 BMW with him already and he always give me a decent discount

Hey Piero,

Pretty nice specs you have. When you meant M-Performance brakes, you mean those pretty brakes with the choice of 3 different color calipers? Do you mind disclosing your final driveaway price? I went to my local dealer yesterday and I was rather impress with the quality. It was a massive improvement from the old 1 series. However when I looked at the prices, they had a 118i & 118d for $65k!

Yeah I have heard that Canberra has no stamp duty on green cars which is bloody brilliant! If you could give me the details of the dealer that you bought it from, that would be great. I might give him a call when the time comes closer.