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Originally Posted by Superspeed View Post
The problem is that there are no other manufacturers left in the RWD compact car market. If you want a compact car in the future it will be FWD (or AWD). And if so you might just as well buy it from BMW

Let's hope they at least keep one sporty RWD niche car for the enthusiasts, paralel to the FWD platform. Toyota just reintroduced RWD on a niche model. If the Japanese see this business oportunity, why not BMW?

BMW Group should let Mini take care of the FWD business (where they do a good job) and let the BMW brand take RWD to even higher levels, loyal to it's heritage and faithful customers.

But what do I know, being just a simple engineer and not a fancy marketing expert
Seen the car park you own(ed) I don't believe you're just a simple engineer.

Maybe you should bring in your idea that Mini doesn't have the broad appeal like BMW has. They have their original three doors mini, but all the rest they try is not really highly successfull either. So they don't seem to be able to easily move out of the city car segment.

BMW probably needs faster and broader leverage via their own FWD product. Also probably the entire customer group in the lowest BMW segment, don't car a bit for the RWD. Even more, they would probably pay even extra to have a FWD equivalent!! Profitability is higher since assembly cost is lower.

All this, of course, in order to survive and build us sufficient nicely balanced RWD platforms. This, as the only remaining RWD mass market manufacturer!