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Originally Posted by dmboone25 View Post
I have to agree--just said the same basic thing (over different reasoning) in the M2-I4/I6 debate on the 1addicts page.

I feel like I will really be looking elsewhere next time...and my last 4 cars have been BMWs...
Maybe you shouldn't: bmw is indeed violating the "dogma's" it has sold us in the past, but technology went on very fast lately. In the past, I was mad at BMW to just bluntly state idiot things like: 'never we will offer a diesel' or 'never an M will have forced induction'. So yes, their MKT (and design) department should be punished severly to sell this crap and lie to us.

But to us as customers, that's all sunk cost. Now is now, and I'am glad they don't respect the borders of their own crap. They would be dead within 10 years from now when they would.

Next time you buy a car, just compare it to the competition. Passing the ultimate test is that they still are on top in feel even when they feature a 1.0-3cil engine.