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Originally Posted by Iron Man View Post
I thought the whole idea of luxury and premium is for exclusivity. Pushing volume and diluting the brand in the name of increasing profits, while following the sheeple, sounds like Accountants are running the show. You can see where that got GM, Chrysler, etc.

Brand is all about the product, and last I seen FWD cars are not "Ultimate Driving Machines", which is supposedly all BMW builds according to their ads. So, what will BMW's new slogan be...
Iron man, BMW has to survive as one of the last independant car manufacturers. They already made clear they want to sell their technology to increase volumes and reduce writing off investments on a relative small number of cars since more than a decade.

When you don't sell one million a year, you're dead meat, that was the word in the early nineties already!! BMW is not like Bentley, or Maybach or Bugatti or Porsche or Lamborghini or... which all belong to a mother group and can only deliver by having free access to 85% of the parts already available. BMW stands alone and can share almost no technology although they try very hard.

Premium is not equal to exclusive and GM and Chrysler have nothing to compare to BMW. Those are certainly not premium.