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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
+1 this has to be the worst post from scott26, sucking up to BMW marketing department and they are trying to feed us all this crap that all of a sudden FWD is not a bad thing. they must think that people have memory like Gold Fish and have forgotten all their ultimate drive machine adverts slagging off FWD cars, oh and yes I forgot that it is going to be revolutionary like Merc B Class
Hey Sol, chassis balance on FWD has increased dramatically the last decade, just check out the Golf Gti and Focus ST. The evolution there was steep uphill, while the classical already perfectly balanced 50/50 RWD configuration they sold us as the only ultimate in the past didn't really evolve on dynamics.

BTW, BMW also told us bimmers would never-ever have a diesel engine, then a gasoline turbo engine, than an M never would have forced induction, and an M never would be automatic. Probably BMW would also never go into SUV's either, certainly not the Ms... but look what they offer now!