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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
so that is the FWD 1 series in your profile picture then ? anyway we would see it in few weeks time. nothing to get excited about for us here . I suppose we won't even bother to open a separate thread for FWD 1, as it is not worthy of BMW badge . also interesting to see that BMW second quarter profit was much lower than the year before, I assume a lot of those extra expenses on R&D that was mentioned in your reports has something to do with this upcoming FWD model. let's hope that is not going to translate into spending cuts on main models like 5 series and 3 series since you have to keep your shareholders and accountants happy by keeping the costs down to maximise your profit
Sol, you best open a new thread for this, nice debate in the make! RWD versus FWD, that has to be a spiced up discussion! Also, I hope they have fixed some of the exterior flaws that I hardly dare to mention here of course.