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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
this whole thread is pretty much pointless now. quite clearly you are not sold on F20 design and keep bringing it up in every post. just do us all a favour and don't buy it. F20 design has been mentioned in dozens of previous post and quite frankly is becoming tiresome since your discussion doesn't say anything that hasn't been said before. car is a huge sales success whether you like it or not. thanks for your contributions and concerns and for a design that is not Important to you, is strange that you seem to be highlighting it in every post
Yes you're entirely right, It's pointless to discuss this all over again things are what they are and complaining about it will not make any change. My apologies to you all to keep hitting that nail again. I realise I offend owners and enthusiasts of one of the finest cars out there, although that's not my intention. My frustration remains however.

Any way, the question has been answered a while back: F20 is a sales success. I just hope it remains like that when A3 and A-class are hitting the road. The car deserves to have long lasting succes and keep high residuals later. I'll shut up now ...