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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
touché for the VW hint! Concerning the "getting used to" that a lot of members seem to share: the Bangle droopy 7-series front and end never grew on any body either. You loved it, or you hated it... all the way, until the very end. I hope it is different for the 1-series fish bowl headlamps, but I remain sceptical. My bed is it will be corrected on the 2-series and the facelift. I believe that many on this forum are hoping for this.
Again, I agree, it's all a matter of taste. I was a little sceptic too, also regarding the design of the head lamps. First I was going for the previous 3.series ie. 320i, but it somehow did look a little boring inside, and the fuel economy seemed to be 'stone-age' like compared the capabilities of the newest generation of high-efficient motors on the market. So I though, well why not just give it a try in the new 1.series....Just a little joy ride... After driving only a few miles down the road, I was 100% convinced, the driving experience was top-class for a car in the price range...This totally removed all my doubt of this car. I'm happy that I didn't go for one of the previous and older models...It's just the same with girls, don't go for the old ones...