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It's a never ending discussion....First you should have in mind that we are still in a global economical crisis, and many countries are in still ressesion. Since the 1 series is also a relatively expensive car, even though the price has been reduced, this will have an inpack on BMW's sales figures.
But ofcause BMWs car design are not just copies of competitors designs, but instead they try to come up with new ideas....since they often make radical design changes with each of thier new generation of cars, the release of a new car design will always lead to discussions..but also a lot of attention on the street as well..
Just like the prevous model, people just need a little time to get used to a completely new design. Also BMW's designs tends to be more 'future proof' I think.
So, if your are affraid to buy the 1.series, because you are affraid to buy a car that you think only few people wants or like, I think you should just probably just go for the safes choice on earth , go buy a VW....

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