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Originally Posted by vladberca View Post
M Sport 1 series looks great in my opinion and has a distinctive design...
Also this 1 series it's unique in this segment having RWD and future x-drive, great basic 1,6l petrol engines (116i and 118i) and the possibility to choose from a long list of options.
120d has no rival in this segment, 125d can be considered somehow a Performance model.
The cherry on the cake is for sure M135i, a car that can't be matched in performances by its rivals
Yes indeed, the F20 is a fantastic car that is standing out the crowd. The 125d and M135i are unmatched by anything in the market today! Every F20 has the (almost) 50/50 weight distribution which still makes it the ultimate and probably only genuine real drivers' car in the segment. I reckon it's blessed with a lot of supreme qualities. For all of this, I want it in a single heart beat. But who am I?

This having said... the FWD crowd has also some high cards to throw on the table: more space efficient than RWD, more forgiving behaviour on the limit and the typical draw backs are compensated extremely well these days: torque steer and understeer are almost gone. Of course, no 125d and M135i competitors in sight yet, or 4wd has to come into play. When AWD is needed, aces are vanishing: cars become more heavy & more expensive. So when high performance is a must and things must remain affordable, nothing matches RWD.

Case remains... why, oh why these design flaws that are soooooo easy to avoid? All the first day facelift photoshop pictures where better than the real face. Why on earth could a professional team of +30 top designers couldn't do it better over a timespan of +4 years when design is not yet definitive!? Why could a top EVP board at BMW could not avoid this???

For God sake, even my 3years old son says it has ugly headlights! We already lived the Bangle affaire with the terrible budds of the 7 and 6 series, why do we need the Adriaan Van Hooydonck misery now? Are there no good designers anymore? Who is designing the Ferraris then these days? Buy the guy, now and immediately!