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Originally Posted by Mjlbakker View Post
Is this true? I can hardly believe the M-sport steering wheel is larger in diameter than the optional / sportline steering wheel.

Here is a picture of the wheel that I bought

Uploaded with

I presume that the airbag and finish out of my other steering wheel will fit, we put them next to each other and saw no differences. Will keep you all updated, have the retrofetting planned for Wednesday.
Apologies, maybe I didnt make myself clear...

Std Steering wheel = 375mm
Leather Steering wheel = 375mm
Sport/Urban Steering wheel = 369mm
M Sport Steering Wheel = 369mm

Assuming you have purchased a, "Re-Covered/Re-Trimmed" wheel rather than a New Genuine "M" Sport wheel from BMW, (Appx 400 here in the UK), it stands to reason that before it was re-covered/re-trimmed, it started out as a Std wheel from an ES, SE or Sport/Urban vehicle...

If it was orig a std or std leather wheel then by adding the xtra padding that the "M" wheel requires, then it will end up being over 375mm when finished.

If it was orig a wheel off a Sport/Urban model, then again, after xtra padding has been added it will be again larger in diameter than a factory supplied "M" Sport wheel...

As the finished size of the Sport/Urban and the factory orig "M" sports wheel are the same at 369mm, the untrimmed metal frame of the wheels MUST be different to be the same when trimmed....

Therefore, ANY other wheel, (other than an orig "M" sport version), will end up larger when re-trimmed due to the xtra padding....