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Originally Posted by Sol01 View Post
I think you are missing the point or not getting it. there is more to a car than its looks . looks alone don't dictate the sales figures. whether F20 is ugly or not and that is quite a subjective matter it is selling well because it is better than its direct rivals and that is what makes it a desirable car.
That I understand, since I desire the F20 for it's typical BMW driveline and not his looks. 10 years ago, I thought that most BMW buyers where thinking like this. Now, I know that is not true.

In my company, we have +100 bmws, most of them are driven by ignorant managers who just go for the sleek-professionalism it radiates. They don't really care for dynamics or they don't even know that this is THE differentiator of BMW. When asked, some of them prefer the FWD alternative of Audi. But they prefer the looks of the bimmer better.

The BMW buyers community has a strong enthousiastical core who is in it for the 50/50 weight distribution, the fine handling and stuff, but that accounts for max 20% I guess. The other 80% is more or less circumstancial and probably not loyal. They select by elimination: there are 3 premium brands: audi, bmw and mercedes. They go to a dealership and without any logical premeditation, they buy one of the three after 60 minutes.