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As a result of a minor scrape in a car-park, I visited my local BMW approved Paint and Body repair specialists.

Whilst they assured me that the colour match would be as good as new, they could not assure me that the finish, (with respect to the orange-peel present on the factory finish), would match the new paint...

They simply cannot paint the cars as "BAD", as they do in the factory with regards to the finish quality. The only way to minimise the issue of the new, (high quality, smooth), finish that would be present after they had painted the door, would be to blend the paint into the other door and rear wing.

It was explained to me that whilst, "blending" of the new and existing finishes is not unusual, its required more so with the latest BM's due to the amount of orange-peel on the factory finish...

They also mentioned that whilst they "could" produce a finish closer to the factory finish, none of their technicians would happily compromise their skills to do so... And this I do respect... However why they should need to on a 30k car begs belief...

This is certainly my last BMW...

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