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Originally Posted by Al-Muthamid View Post
Please... is 60% that much?! You must say that 2011 was the last year of production of a model with 7 years (2004...). At that time most of the possible buyers knew that in September a new model would come out...

We have already determined that the current F20 / 1er is a strong seller despite a recessionary climate dampening auto sales across many European markets.

I am willing to bet BMW has stronger margins per car sold on the F20 than the outgoing E87 because more cars are being specced with Pro/Business SatNav, Leather, 8-Speed auto transmission and all the other gubbins from BMW. Fewer ES and SE models on the forecourts as people have reason to upgrade to the Sportline and M-Sport.

Hardly scientific, but I see more F20s in an around where I work and live than I do A3s or B-classe Mercs. I havent seen a new A-classe for a few years. I am sure the new A-Classe you love so much will do reasonably well, and it must to justify the huge development costs Merc has sunk in, but the rivalry between Merc and BMW and Audi is not as simple as a model.

Take me for example. The A-classe could turn out to be the best little mini on the planet (and by the way the production version I saw in Munich didnt look like the press photos uploaded here!) but there is something about the BMW ride and essence i love that would preclude me from going anywhere else.

Well, except Maserati on sunny weekends