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F20 selling very well in the UK

BMW has run aggressive sales campaigns for the F20 Sportline in the UK, led by low 4.9% APR loans with a 0% deposit on a reasoably well specced mid range car ( not the base ES or even SE but the Sportline model)

I understand it has had an excellent response.

While across the model range, M Sport is the lead model in the UK; The F20 Sportline is a clever bundling option at 1500 less than the M Sport with some of the sporty cues folks like. effectively the M Sport fans stick to that model but SE buyers are upgrading to the Sportline.

Surprisingly more petrol models are being bought than the diesel, aided by the fact that the 116i has a more spirited drive than the 116d and 118d; and that mileage and emissions on the petrol models are vastly improved than before.

Residuals have recently been adjusted as many more cars have sold than expected.