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Originally Posted by WULFFZA View Post
Come to Bellville and CY!

Grill looks good on white. Curious, if you have driven an E90 320i auto, how does a 118i feel? I rented a 320i last time I was over in SA. While it coasted fine and economy was very good I could never live with its lack of giddy up, it just would not go no matter how hard I wrung it out. Does the 118 feel more 'zippy'?

I also, have hired several 320i in RSA. 'Woeful' is putting it nicely

They are definately detuned in comparision to the same car sold here in Aus and elsewhere where I have hired them

It appears that the 320i built in RSA for the local market must have detuned engines in them for some reason.

I have recently driven a mates F20 118i sport and the difference is very noticeable. The 118i would eat the old 320i for breakfast. I cannot wait to get my 125I M sport (even more horses).

I don't think the 1er is being built in RSA for the local market, (there weren't any on the hire car company lists when I was there a couple of weeks back).

Good news for the RSA locals who want fire under the bonnet not hot air. Buy a 1er, Then they get the German built car.

Also the prices for the 1er are not much different to the 3er there in RSA which makes me think the new 3er is being built there (I wonder if it is detuned)

Our RSA guys can shed more light on that.